SecuBox 1.6

Data encryption to keep you safe


  • Advanced security algorithms
  • Encryption key backup for lost passwords
  • Easy installation



    In this day and age security for your mobile is a must. I've lost count of the number of times I've lost my mobiles over the years so it's a good job I don't have any big secrets, bank codes or money in my bank because if there was any confidential information on my phone I would have said goodbye to it by now. However, mobile security software packages can often seem either too complicated to use or require more passwords that I can create or remember. SecuBox promises tight security while being simple to use.

    The software works by creating a secure folder for all your confidential files, protected with 'unbreakable industry standard' Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. Enough encryption for you? Whereas many of these programmes can slow your mobile down SecuBox doesn't.

    The encryption software creates a 'virtual encrypted storage card' on the PDA. All files are encrypted when written to the encrypted card, and decrypted when read from the card. When you have finished working with SecuBox all you have to do is 'unmount' it - it then becomes a single file - a complete mess of characters which would take hundreds of years to 'bruteforce'. Whenever you mount the storage on your mobile, SecuBox asks you for your password. Once you enter the password, the secure storage card is mounted and you are able to access the encrypted data on your PDA. Without the password, the sensitive data on your Pocket PC is unaccessible. The good news is as administrator you set the procedures of recovery should you forget your password. The software also now allows file wiping of sensitive files using secure storage deletion so even if you wanted to, you'll never get them back.

    Very secure data encryption software using 256-bit encryption, complete with secure data wiping and a password quality meter.

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